Federal Tax Incentive

The energy tax credit has been extended through December 31, 2032! The 30% federal tax credit for energy-efficient home upgrades won’t last forever, so take advantage of it today to pile savings on top of savings. 

Federal Tax Incentive

What is Geothermal?

Heat and cool with dirt, not oil. Yes, dirt! The ground beneath your feet is being used by millions to heat and air condition their homes. Geothermal heating and cooling is FOUR TIMES as efficient as traditional HVAC systems, costs less to operate, and can be a smart investment.

Try the savings calculator to get an estimate of price, savings, and financing for a geothermal system in your area today!

What is Geothermal?

How Geothermal Works

No matter what climate you live in, the temperature throughout the year varies. For some climates, temperatures will swing from blazing Summers to frigid Winters. What many people don't realize is that the temperature below ground, regardless of climate or season, stays fairly consistent all year-round.

How Geothermal Works

How Much Will Geothermal Cost?

Geothermal energy is a home comfort system that will pay you back for installing it. Make your next move as a homeowner into a smart investment.

Geothermal Pricing

The Reliable Renewable

Geothermal energy provides a renewable resource all day, every day, through every season, for years and years. It is the most energy-efficient way to make sure your home is comfortable no matter the weather outside. 

Reliable Renewable Energy
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North American GeoThermal in Fairfax

We are a full-service GeoThermal heating and air conditioning company serving Northern Virginia and Maryland Metro Area. As a Certified GeoThermal GSHP company we have earned the highest level of satisfaction from our customers and the respect of others in our industry as the leader in GeoThermal Technology advancement.

We offer engineering, design and complete installation of WaterFurnace GeoThermal systems. We also service, repair and replace all brands of GeoThermal heating and air conditioning system equipment.

Whether you need standard maintenance, equipment repair, or a complete comfort system - North American GeoThermal has the education and skills you need. Let us install a solution that uses the clean, renewable energy in your yard to give you savings up to 70% on heating, cooling, and hot water.

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Today's Choice is GeoThermal - Cut Energy Cost by 70%

With their extremely high efficiency and user satisfaction, a GeoThermal heating & cooling system is today's choice for clean renewable energy source technology. Not only does GeoThermal save energy and money, it reduces emissions and provides increased indoor comfort in a most environmentally friendly way.

Reap the Benefits of a GeoThermal GSHP System

In even the coldest climates a GeoThermal heating & air conditioning system offers many cost saving and comfort benefits.

  • Save Energy & Slash Utility Bills
  • Reduce the Cost of Hot Water
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Rid Your Yard of Noisy Equipment
  • Improve Year Round Comfort
  • Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Quality First. Quality Always.

“It's been all it was advertised to be. I've kept meticulous records and the average monthly utility bill has been $175 (for a 5,000 sq. ft home). That includes heating, air conditioning, hot water, lights and appliances. I've looked at other manufacturers and in the end, found they did not have the package WaterFurnace does. I'm a big fan of WaterFurnace.”
(5/5) - Gary H.

Our Service Area

About North American GeoThermal

North American GeoThermal's designers are LoopLink Certified. This symbol lets you know that your system designer has been trained not just by the makers of the industry's best Geothermal design software, but by the authors of the industry standard design and installation manual issued by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association ( IGSHPA ), the leading national entity for Geothermal GSHP standards, training, and certifications.

North American GeoThermal's well drilling & ground loop team have installed over 1 Million Miles of Geothermal loop pipe. With a team of over 65 Geothermal professionals your Geothermal ground loop installation will be performed by IGSHPA accredited installers and master well drillers, fluent in the complex geological formations found throughout our service area.

North American GeoThermal's interior equipment installers have installed hundreds of systems over more than 25 years. Our installers are WaterFurnace factory trained geothermal certified professionals. Only the best from the WaterFurnace network are invited to become a GeoPro Master Dealer. We have proven time and time again that we truly care about our customers. You can take comfort in the fact that as a GeoPro dealer we have proven ourselves in the following areas:

Overall Performance - Experience and Dedication - Installation Quality Continued Technical Training - Over All Business Practices

Contact North American GeoThermal

11530 Valley Rd
Fairfax, Virginia 22033
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We all want to see more people save energy and adopt renewable power—now you can be part of the solution. Join the North American GeoThermal Referral Rewards program and earn cash rewards when your friends go Geothermal..

The North American GeoThermal Referral program is for anyone who wants to help their friends save money and the environment by making the switch to Geothermal. You don't have to be a North American GeoThermal customer to participate, so sign up today!